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Naxos Island



  Naxos The name is known from ancient years, but the etymology is unknown.Naxos name was not the only one in ancient times and called Zeus, Strogyli(Round) and Dionysias ,in medieval name was Naxia, Value and now by the people named Naxos and Axa.
Geographical Location

Naxos is the largest island of the Cyclades is located right in the middle of the Aegean,at  the Cyclades east and having from north side  Mykonos, Donousa ,fron east north east Amorgos, soyth of it is ??s ??? west Paros  and is location is between parallels 36 ° 54 '50''N and 37 ° 12' 00''and from the Greenwich meridian 25 ° 20 '30''E and 25 ° 37' 20''A.
Land Area

The area is 448.8 km and its dimensions are 18miles from North to south and from west to east 13 milesi.To developed coastline is approximately 149
The island is administratively divided into two municipalities, the Municipality of Naxos, with a population of 12,089 inhabitants and a population Drymalias 6,099 inhabitants according to census 2001.